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Palmetto State E-cademy is an accredited, tuition-free virtual charter high school for South Carolina residents. We are a complete online high school that fits your student, your schedule, and your family with an innovative, high-quality alternative to the traditional learning experience.

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Virtual High School Tour About Tour Our Virtual CampusWe’re glad you stopped by to tour our school and take a look at all Palmetto State E-cademy has to offer. PSE is a unique alternative to a traditional brick-and-mortar school. We understand that a “normal” 8:00 – 3:30 schedule filled with bells, required activities, and structure may not fit every student’s specific needs. Through our online campus system and Live! virtual classrooms, we offer an accredited, quality, and flexible learning environment that is available 24-hours per day, 7-days per week. PSE is open for school whenever you need it and can be accessed from any location with an Internet connection.

We hope you will take just a few minutes to explore all that awaits you as a virtual student at Palmetto State E-cademy.

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Curriculum Aligned with State Standards

virtual school curriculum media Tour Our Virtual CampusOur curriculum consists of more than 100 media-rich courses that include engaging and interactive animations, virtually-enhanced labs, rich graphics, and online textbooks. Each course is reviewed by the South Carolina Department of Education and our highly-qualified subject area teachers to ensure it meets the State’s guidelines for area content. As an accredited South Carolina public school, our high school graduates earn a South Carolina diploma which is accepted at universities and colleges throughout the United States.

As a South Carolina public school, all of our core courses are also designed to prepare students for the High School Assessment Program (HSAP) test and the End-of-Course Examination Program (EOCEP) tests. Along with our core courses, PSE also offers a wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses approved by the AP College Board. Our AP curriculum is taught by subject-area experts certified by the AP College Board.

NWAC logo Tour Our Virtual CampusWe are part of a growing industry of online educational institutions, and so we have dedicated ourselves to the highest set of academic standards. We have been fully accredited as a distance education program by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS), the nationally recognized regional accreditation agency for online schools, since 2009. The NAAS has recognized our entire virtual school, not just individual courses, as meeting their quantitative and qualitative standards for online schools.

Who Attends PSE?

High School Student Teen Mom Tour Our Virtual CampusPalmetto State E-cademy offers a unique alternative for students who have specific interests or requirements that preclude enrollment in a traditional brick-and-mortar school. We take pride in our ability to meet the diverse needs of our students. It’s our philosophy that the educational approach should be made to fit the student, not the other way around.

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PSE’s online school offers access to courses, engaging curriculum and virtual instruction lead by state-certified teachers 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. From competitive athletes and award-winning performers to budding actors, our flexibility allows school to revolve around your schedule. At PSE, we have students who take care of family members, nurture new babies, or are dealing with personal health issues. If your student is looking for more rigor in their academics or simply wants to avoid the distractions of regular school, Palmetto State E-cademy provides a range of Honors, Advanced Placement, and specialized electives that can be tailored to fit your needs through one of our four Academic Tracks.



How Do Students “Go to” Virtual School?

PSE BH Virtual Campus Tour Our Virtual CampusOne of the key benefits of Palmetto State E-cademy is our innovative virtual learning environment that can be accessed from any newer computer with an Internet connection. Our school’s virtual campus uses a robust learning management system (LMS) to give students and parents secure access to course materials, interactive tutorials, online textbooks, and internet-based assessments.

Once logged into a specific course, students can easily navigate to their different courses, conduct research on the Internet, complete interactive learning tutorials, and take online assessments. All the tools to be successful are right at their finger tips. Students and parents also have access to attendance records, detailed activity logs, and an online gradebook that gives up-to-date information on how well they are progressing through the course and they can easily read feedback from their teachers and review completed assignments.



pse avatorium virtual classroom Tour Our Virtual CampusAlthough our curriculum is flexible and can fit into your schedule, students are not alone in their online learning experience. Our highly-qualified instructors host weekly teaching sessions through our virtual classroom portal. The virtual classroom runs right through your Internet browser and allows students and teachers to easily collaborate in real time. Students and teachers can interact Live! through chat, microphone and video capabilities, dynamic presentations, videos, and interactive whiteboard capabilities. And here is the best part. If you are unable to attend a Live! teaching session, all class meetings are recorded so that students can watch and learn on their own schedule.






Take a Test Drive of our Virtual Campus!

test drive login Tour Our Virtual CampusOne of the many important questions usually asked by students and parents considering online school is how the courses and assignments will work.  We would like to offer you the opportunity to take a look around at our online learning environment and see for yourself how things work.  We have created a special demonstration site of our PSE Virtual Campus that will give you a glimpse of how our online courses work.  You can test drive our Virtual Campus and peek at some of our sample content, teaching modules, and assignment types.  Hopefully this will give you a clearer picture of just how easy navigating and accessing courses and live class sessions will be at PSE.  Enjoy!


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Student Outreach and Support

student virtual chat Tour Our Virtual CampusAt PSE we take our roles as educators seriously. While our curriculum and course work is adapted to each student’s specific needs and schedule, we have a team of support staff to reach out and help ensure that each student has the tools and resources they need to reach their fullest potential.

Each course is facilitated by a highly-qualified subject area teacher certified by the state in their subject area. Teachers lead weekly online class sessions in our virtual classroom portal and they provide proactive, one-on-one support and encouragement by phone, email, and chat throughout each learning unit.

support virtual chat Tour Our Virtual CampusStudents and parents are also assigned to a regional Homeroom and receive personal guidance and support from a local area Homeroom teacher. Students and parents can also get to know their teachers, other students, and other parents through our regional community events scheduled throughout the school year. Students in math and English courses are also assigned a Learning Coach who specializes in helping struggling students with these sometimes difficult subjects. Our Guidance Counselors are always available by phone and email to assist students with schedules and college or career planning.


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virtual students school online Tour Our Virtual CampusSecure your child’s spot in Palmetto State E-cademy by submitting a brief online form. Even if you are not ready to commit to formal enrollment, we will give you a call and make sure we get all your questions answered.


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If you would like to learn more about Palmetto State E-cademy before you make a decision, please provide us with a little information about your specific educational goals and we’ll contact you to get all your questions answered.


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  • Phone: 803-227-6670
  • Email: info@psecademy.org

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Palmetto State E-cademy offers an engaging, flexible online curriculum

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I think it’s easier to make friends because there aren’t those stereotypes of how people look. You become friends by having things in common.
— PSE Senior


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